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Weird Things That Disney Princesses Do

Lucy Wassmuth, Reporter

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After years and years of watching Disney movies, we’ve become accustomed to their actions and habits. But some of them are super weird if you think about it.


Snow White

Our very first Disney princess, was kinda weird. I know this movie was made in 1937, but still, she finds a cottage in the woods and the first thing she does–is clean it. Most normal people would’ve eaten or taken a nap, but NOPE! She’s whistling and she’s working. Not to mention she married a guy after barely talking to him. Ladies and gentlemen, feminism in the 1930s.




Oh, The Little Mermaid. Classic songs, classic story, classic Disney. “This guy’s pretty good looking, why don’t I  give up my voice and pray he falls in love with my mute-self?”  Sure, she wants to be on land and see the wonders up there, but sometimes I think Sebastian was right, it would’ve been realistic if she just stayed “Under the Sea.”



I know, I know, what can be wrong with our sweet, bookworm Belle? True, she is a unique princess, and the village didn’t except her. But in their defense, Belle did start reading her book to a herd of sheep. Most people would find that a little crazy. The bigger thing, though, is Stockholm Syndrome(when a captive falls in love wither her kidnapper). The Beast abducted and tried to kill her dad, then he held her captive and was a super rude host. And then they fall in love. She left Gaston, a big, rude, loud, hairy guy, for another big, rude, loud, hairy guy.  But, oh well, he was a prince, so it’s ok, right?



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