Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies

Jack Purcell, Reporter

As far as Kirby games go, there mostly all the same style. And for Kirby Star Allies I do see a slight graphics increase, but it’s still just a regular 2D platformer.

However, it is a true multiplayer experience. It supports up to four players or one player and three AIs and each one can take on a distinct role. There is still one core player who gets to play the lovable pink squish, but that player has an extra ability: the power of friendship!

If you come across an enemy at any moment in a level you can throw a heart at it to turn it to your side. If you’re playing alone, the computer takes over, but if you have friends over they can drop in by picking up a controller.

Since the enemies are varied in the Kirby games to allow them to utilize multiple abilities, your team will never look the same each time. You can still play as Kirby and absorb enemies while waddling down hills and collecting coins and other prizes. However, throwing hearts strategically leads to a well-rounded team of fighters, elementals, and parasol carriers. So you can theoretically be in a group with a Blade Knight, a Burning Leo, and a Waddle Dee.

The fun of playing Kirby has always been how you can select what powers you like at any given moment. Now that privilege extends to your friends or computer counterparts.