Surprising Facts About Childhood Toys


Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

Barbie and Ken were named after siblings

The industry where Barbie and Ken were made was at Mattel and the two founders had a son and a daughter named Barbie and Ken. The company decided that they wanted to make replicas of their kids.

There was once a diet-obsessed Barbie

Mattel made a barbie that was obsessed with her weight and would do anything to be skinnier. This was a bad role model for younger girls who thought that barbies were cool and showed the right choices in life.

Toy Companies-Sponsored Sleepovers

Toy companies did research on what little girls do for fun and it turned out that sleepovers were the main ideas of fun. The toy industry decided that they were going to sponsor little girls sleepovers so that they could report back to tell the industries whats wrong with the toys.

Some Barbie Products Created Girl Stereotypes

Barbie was a doll that little girls looked up to. When Barbie wrote a book about coding it actually was about Barbie using a computer and how she created a bug in it. Later a guy had to come over and fix it. Barbie doesn’t show that girls can be capable in STEM fields which doesn’t give little girls god reasons to look up to her.

Many People Got Injuries From Tickle Me, Elmo

Around the time when tickling me Elmo came out everyone wanted it so they would flood toy stores and people would fight over the last few Elmo’s and they would get so injured that they would wound up in the hospital with bad injuries.