Thanksgiving Nails

As Thanksgiving is coming around the corner, people are also starting to wear sweaters and boots. What’s a nice touch to add to that fall attire? Thanksgiving Nails! Thanksgiving nails are a easy and appealing design to go with comfy sweaters and fuzzy scarves. In order to keep up with the new fashion, learn these 5 lovely nail designs.

First, the Pumpkin. It’s a little past Halloween, but pumpkins are still a cute design. They sum up the meaning of Thanksgiving well with their fall spirit.

Materials: Nail colors of your choice.

  1. I put this design on my thumb because the pumpkin had a wide set.
  2. Paint the base of your nail with the color of your choice.
  3. Next, paint an orange circle.
  4. Paint a brown or green stem at the top of the pumpkin.

(Optional)  From the top center of the pumpkin, paint thin green curly lines as the vines.


Materials: Fall nail colors, a plastic cup, a toothpick or anything thin and disposable, water

  1. With this nail design, there are a couple more complicated steps.
  2. Paint your nail one solid color
  3. Tape the skin surrounding your nail. This technique ensures that the nail polish will not get on the skin.
  4. Take the plastic cup and fill if almost to the top with tap water.
  5. With one color of your choice, drop on drop of it into the water. It should spread and make a circle with a lighter shade of the color.
  6. Take another color and do the same thing as the first.
  7. If you want, add another color for more variety
  8. After a couple rounds, it should start to look like a bullseye.
  9. Continue doing this until the circle has gotten too small to add any more.
  10. Take the toothpick and bring the edges of the circle to the side of the cup. This way, drawing the design will be much easier.
  11. Draw the design. Drag the toothpick across the cup and make pretty designs of your choice.
  12. Lay the nail at the surface of the water then slowly extend it vertically.
  13. While your finger is still in the water, gently blow at the water around it.
  14. Take the toothpick, put it in the water and twist. The excess nail polish will stick onto the toothpick.
  15. After you take your finger out of the water, peel off the tape, and your nail design is finished!

The Turkey

Materials: Any tool that can make dots. I used a toothpick. You should also use colors of a Turkey.

  1. Paint a base coat. This color should be similar to a turkey’s feathers.
  2. Paint two round white circles near the top of the nail. These will be the eye whites.
  3. Use a toothpick and dab a small black circle inside each of the white circles. These are the pupils.
  4. In the center of the nail, paint a small upside down triangle for the beak.

The Leaf

Materials: Toothpick, Black or brown polish

  1. Again, paint your nail one solid color.
  2. With a different color, put a small blob of nail polish in the center.
  3. Using a toothpick, spread the nail polish into teeth along the edge of the leaf.
  4. Draw a black or brown line down the center as the stem.


Materials: Tape, two different colors of nail polish

  1. Paint your finger one color to act as the base coat.
  2. With a piece of tape, cut very thin slivers about 2 millimeters in width
  3. Then, place thin slivers of tape in the pattern of your choice.
  4. Finally, paint your nails a different color as the base coat with the tape still stuck on.
  5. After the nail polish has dried, peel the tape off.

With these fall-based nails, a simple outfit will look much more customized and personal. Add just a few designs and your outfit will be unique and ready to go. Try these cute nails designs before fall slips away!