How Much Sleep do Canyon Vista Students Get?


Hannah McDonough is sleepy during class but the girl next to her ( Mehak Mehmi) is exited for class.

Evlabia Konstantinou, Reporter

Sleep so annoying you need it to survive but you can’t just be tired whenever you want it’s so annoying but that got me thinking how much sleep do Canyon Vista students get and how much sleep should I be getting. To see how much sleep on average do students at Canyon Vista get? A recent poll ( done by me) claims that 18% of students only get 4-5 hours of sleep — that is not enough, most of the time students that lack sufficient sleep don’t do don’t do as well in school and according to the poll the students that get 4-5 hours of sleep either are playing video games at night they have too much homework or their phone is keeping them from sleeping.

So why am I telling you to catch some zzzz’s, because it’s for your own good now I am not here to be your mother instead I am here to tell you that sleep is adolescence is a time of physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Sleep fuels these important processes. Good, plentiful sleep is essential to teens development, growth, and quality of life. Yet all too often, teens don’t get enough sleep.

Also when kids get the sleep they need, they may have a lower risk of becoming overweight and developing diabetes as well as fewer learning problems and attention issues. Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. Growth hormone is primarily secreted during deep sleep. Babies spend 50 percent of their time in this deep sleep, considered to be essential for adequate growth. Italian researchers, studying children with deficient levels of growth hormone have found that they sleep less deeply than average children do.

Now I am not saying that everyone at Canyon Vista needs more sleep according to a recent poll (done by me) 35% of students get 8-9 hours and 11.8% of students get more than 9 hours of sleep. In conclusion, if you are the 18% of students that get 4-5 hours of sleep, turn off the Fortnite and turn on the white noise.