Decoding The Science Of Dreams

So Dreams are weird things. What’s even stranger is their meanings.


We all know what dreams are. Those weird experiences in your head during unconsciousness. They could be anything. From going into gladiatorial combat with your friends to fleeing the border with a cop, to having a literal gender war. (I have very strange dreams.) So you might ask: Why? Why are so many strange dreams and such strange things in them? Well, that’s why I am here. To tell you (in the form of a news article) what dreams mean.

So, first I looked up the top 20 dreams that are the most common. There were a lot of ones that were different, so I just got some of the most common ones.

So here are the top 20 10 most common dreams and what they mean:



So there you go. I explained 10 common dreams in the best way I could. Hopefully, this information has been helpful, and you learned something.