Bravelands 1: Book Review


Yoonjoo Oh, Reporter

Bravelands is a new book series from the author of Warriors, Erin Hunter. The first book is titled: Broken Pride. Erin Hunter now concentrates on three different types of animals; lions, baboons, elephants, etc. Instead of focusing on just one animal like the Warriors or Survivors.


Fearless, a lion cub is cast out of his pride when a evil lion kills his father and takes over. He is later found by a baboon from  the Brightforest Troop, and decides to be one of them. But even though he befriends baboons like Thorn, it is not a easy thing for a lion to be a baboon.

Meanwhile Sky, an elephant has a terrible vision. She senses that there’s something evil is lurching in the lands.”Only kill to survive.” The code is broken. Fearless, Thorn and Sky each seek an answer for their quests. But the answer might knot their paths together as one dangerous path. Will the trio find the answer to save the Bravelands, or will it be too late?

Personal Review

I like that the author has this view clear of the laws of nature in the Bravelands; only kill to survive. It seemed as nature is full of wildness of eating and being eaten. But this story has this code that kind of makes the wild make sense. And at the same time makes sense out of this odd relationship between 3 different animals. A lion, baboon, and an elephant. I think that a lion, a carnivore, befriending a baboon, is kind of cool. Because in the other books of Erin Hunter, cats stick with cats, and dogs stick with dogs; It seems that it’s an interesting change and a good setting for a new story.

The story unfolds fluently. The view-point of the story changes to Fearless to Thorn to Sky (or other characters); and as the plot reveals itself, you can see and feel the emotional thoughts of each character. As the story reaches the peak, the suspension and tension also reaches it’s extreme point. I think that’s makes this book more fun.

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