Hidden Gems 2: The Hiddening (Gaming Edition)

One of the more... Interesting bosses.


One of the more... Interesting bosses.

Evan Tucker, Reporter

Well, looks like I forgot many of favorite gems. So, let’s do a remake of an old article and revisit some unknown goodies. If you haven’t read the first one, do so, please. Not only because I like it when people read my articles, but also it establishes rules on what a hidden gem really is. Without further ado, I’ll list off some of my personal hidden gems. I’ll spoil them as little as possible. Note that all of these are games this time.

One of the more… Interesting bosses.

Dynamite Headdy

Masked behind Nintendo’s legacy stands Sega, once a more “weird” game franchise. Before all of these 3D games was the Sega Genisis, rivaling Nintendo with 16bit hardware. They did some strange games with the hardware. One of which, Dynamite Heady, is great and fun. The art style looks like a magical toy land, with everything seeming like a prop on a stage. You take place as Dynamite Heady, the famous toy in Puppet Town, who must defeat the Dark Demon wanting to control Puppet Town. The key gameplay mechanic is really fun and unique, where you can use your head like a boomerang to attack enemies and grab onto objects. The bosses in this game are so… fun. They’re unique and interesting. It’s definitely a fun game to check out!


Is this a hidden gem? I’m not sure.

Crawl, on PS4

Have you ever been playing a game with your friend, and you just wish you could destroy them? No? Well in the game Crawl by Powerhoof, extra players can be the ghosts haunting the adventurer in this rogue-like dungeon crawler! Ghosts who kill the adventurer can take his body and become the gun-slinging hero! The player who remains the hero until the defeat of the boss (controlled by the ghosts) wins the game and takes the loot. Never before have I seen a rogue-like been transformed into a party game this well. If you want to have a laugh, try this game!


Sega on Steam

Fans of the high-jump ability in Kirby’s Adventure are sure to love this game! In Ristar, another Sega Genisis classic, you play as Ristar the shooting star trying to protect the Valdi System from evil space pirates. Your main ability in the game is to launch yourself in the air, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies. While it doesn’t seem like too much, the gameplay is fun and the art is fantastic. Go take a peak sometime.

Gunman Clive

Hörberg Productions

My gosh… This has quickly become one of my favorite games and was one of the biggest reasons why I made this article, to begin with. While it’s only about two dollars, this Megaman inspired game by Hörberg Productions takes place as Gunman Clive, stopping the town baddies from kidnapping the mayor’s daughter! The levels are so fun and unique, with each one being as rememberable as the last. The game is short and sweet, has fun bosses, good music, good controls, simple plot, great level design, amazing art, and you can get it on the 3Ds! If you’re a fan of Megaman, you’ll need this game. 



Well, that’s all I have for now. Give me suggestions in the comments, and maybe I’ll have enough to make a third article!