Fast Food: Why Is It So Popular?

Fast Food: Why Is It So Popular?

The US consumes more fast food than any other country in the world with around 50,000 fast food chains. We eat the most junk food in the world, and most of it is from fast food restaurants.  But do you ever wonder why fast food is so popular?

1. Affordability

One reason fast food is so popular is that it’s inexpensive. According to Colby College, fast food can be cheaper than preparing your own food or going out to nicer restaurants. People can get more for their money by going to fast food restaurants. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on one meal, but they still want it to be good. Most fast food places can give you that. Going to other places can cost more than ten dollars for one meal. When there is a big family, it all adds up. So in the end, they pick fast food, so that it won’t cost a lot.

2. Convenience

Fast food is very convenient, especially on busy days when you don’t have time to make a big meal. You don’t have to spend time in the kitchen, the grocery store, or a very nice restaurant. You can go in and come out within about ten minutes, and you still have a full meal. Fast food restaurants are located everywhere, so you also don’t have to drive far to find one. Many big families will go to these restaurants on nights when everyone has activities and there just isn’t enough time.

3. The Taste

The greasy burgers and crispy fries, or cheesy pizza with layers of pepperoni are appealing to almost everyone. Whatever you decide to order, fast food is tasty. It’s a comfort food to a lot of people. None of these other reasons would matter if it weren’t for the taste. If all fast food were gross, then nobody would buy it. Restaurants have to have good tasting food if they want anyone to buy it. A convenient, affordable, fast meal is just what people want, so the taste is another bonus.

4. It’s Fast

As the name says, fast food is fast. Once you place your order, you usually don’t have to wait very long until your food comes out, unless it is very busy. Drive-throughs hardly take any time to go through, and it’s ready once you get to the window. When you are in a rush, you can quickly go to a fast food place and get a warm meal in less than ten minutes. Cooking or going to other restaurants can take 30 minutes or even an hour.

But Is Fast Food Always The Best Choice?

Let’s face it, most fast food is not healthy. We should not be eating it every day or every week. Instead, you could be eating food that impacts your health in a positive way. Once you start eating it, it’s hard to stop. It’s just too addicting. Not all the ingredients are what you might expect. You don’t always know what you’re eating. Eating fast food a lot can increase your weight like any other junk food. A lot of the food, and even drinks, have added sugars and mystery ingredients. So as appealing as it is, fast food may not be your best choice. You shouldn’t stop eating it altogether, but you should not have it every day.


Fast food is very popular. Fast food companies give the people what they want… with some additions. Fast food has its reasons for popularity, and there are some pretty good ones, just consider that there are downsides to eating fast food all of the time.