The Fall Of Fall Guys

What happened to Mediatonics break out game?


Fall Guys was one of the biggest games, pulling in hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch, and even more playing on their own device. But now, it seems like no one talks about it anymore, and even less people play it. According to Steam Charts, a website which checks people playing on Steam, there are only 9,010 people currently playing. At its height, it had 172,026 players on Steam alone. What happened?

First, what is Fall Guys? Well to sum it up quickly, 60 players take control of their own Fall Guy (not an official name), and duke it out in mini games similar to shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle. This was an easy to learn format, making it appeal to tons of people.

Fall Guys exploded on Twitch and other streaming websites, with big names such as Ninja and Valkyrae playing it and drawing in thousands of viewers. Everything was smooth sailing for Fall Guys, until another game exploded, but this one was different. Among Us launched back in June 2018, and didn’t really get noticed until 2020, when it exploded in popularity, with it being considered the most popular game of 2020. Among Us is now a household name, while Fall Guys is the game left behind.

But Among Us didn’t kill Fall Guys by itself. I would say Among Us actually had very little to Fall Guys decline compared to this point. I think what really killed Fall Guys was the lack of content. Season 2 of Fall Guys didn’t launch until October and it only had 5 new courses. Those 5 new courses did not keep people’s interest up, as we can see by Steam Charts, that from October 20th to November 20th, Fall Guys lost over 50 thousand players.

In conclusion, Fall Guys floundered because of the lack of new and interesting content, as well as new games taking off. As of press time, Season 4 launches in a couple days, and it might save Fall Guys from falling even farther into obscurity. Epic Games did buy the creators of Fall Guys recently, so we will see what happens. For now, Fall Guys is a forgotten game that people will look back on the game with the beans.