Nintendo Is Suing Bowser

The company who created Bowser who’s run by Bowser is suing the hacker Bowser


Yes, you read that right. Nintendo is suing Bowser. However, it isn’t the giant turtle Bowser, or the head of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser. They are actually suing the leader of a hacking group, Gary “GaryOPA” Bowser.

Why is this happening?

Why is Nintendo suing Gary? Well, Nintendo has a history of not liking people messing with their games. For example, when Covid-19 hit, a lot of gaming tournaments had to be moved online. A lot of Super Smash Bros tournaments had to turn to versions of the game that had added online support, and one of the versions of the game was Slippi. Slippi was a free fan made game so many people could use it. The Big House – one of the biggest Smash tournaments – was planning to go online and use Slippi. So, Nintendo sent them a cease and desist letter for playing a game they made, which sounds reasonable. Well, the thing is that you can’t go to the store and buy Melee anymore. This caused lots of anger in the smash community since they can’t play online, but let’s get back to the focus of this article.

The Suit

Nintendo is suing Gary and his group Team Xecuter for monetary damages after their software was used to hack many games. This isn’t Gary’s first run-in with Nintendo, as he was arrested on 11 charges of felony due to hacking last year. Some modders are worried Nintendo may go after their games next, which could wreck the modding scene. Hopefully Nintendo is not planning to do that, or hard core fans could turn against them. The thing is though, most casual fans don’t care or don’t know about it, which is fair. This is a drop of water in the ocean of Nintendo, so they won’t be hurt by anything I’ve mentioned in this article.


What are your thoughts on Nintendo cracking down on people hacking/editing their games? Tell me in the comments, or don’t.