7 Worst Internet Trends of 2017


Oliver Barnfield, Cool Guy/Entertainment Editor

Due to my distaste for politics, (Or at least how much I hate writing about it) this article will not include political problems with the internet. (Sorry, Trump.)

7.  Minion Memes                                                   

You’re old aunt Gladys probably loves these. I can’t stand these, honestly. Who finds these funny?   

6. Dabs/Fidget Spinner

These baffle me. I mean, this could have took up every spot on this list.

5. That Awful YouTube Rewind

Each year these get worse and worse, and this year might be the peak of cringe. I don’t follow YouTube trends that much, but this was honestly lame and stupid.

Austin Nguyen wrote an article on this subject.

4. These. 




basically any video done in this awful style. It was funny the first time. It wasn’t funny the 569, 890, 000, 123rd time.


Rick and Morty fans. I have never watched the show, but the fans kind of make me step away. If a show compels someone to roll around while proclaiming himself a pickle named Rick, that’s enough to drive me far, far, away.

2. Jake Paul

Just looking at the face of this man makes me want to punch him.

1. The Anti- Net Neutrality Ruling

OK, so I lied. This is kind of political. But just LOOK AT THE FACE OF THIS MAN

UGH. Just, Ugh.