Should We Continue Buying Expensive Clothing?


Ariel Sun, Reporter

Many people at our school spend a lot of money on just clothes. I think this is very silly. I shop at Ross and get good clothes for up to 75% of the price that others pay for their brand name clothes. Would you rather have expensive clothing or have clean drinking water? We should not spend as much money on clothes and spend it on more useful things, donate our money, or put it in our savings. You can donate to many charity services to help others around the world to get clean drinking water. Click here to donate.

“My mom buys all my clothes, but she always buys expensive clothes that I don’t even need!” Lucy Wassmuth(7), said.

“Don’t do it. What’s the point?” Hannah Shen (7), said.

“It depends. If you’re going to wear it a lot then it has good value. Otherwise, no,” Wesley Yeung(7), said.

If you buy expensive clothing right now, make your own decisions. Is it really worth spending so much money on clothing?

Although I personally think that buying expensive clothes is a waste of money, some people have good reasons to. If you play soccer and you need a required uniform that is very expensive, then that is okay. If you participate in a dance club and your costume is very expensive, then that is also okay. If you just enjoy buying expensive clothing, keep doing what you like to do, but keep in mind that there are many better ways to spend your money.  I think this is a very big issue here. Be the first to change that.