Top 5 Best Art Apps


*Note: These may not be in order*

5. Concepts by TopHatch

Concepts is an advanced sketching and design app for professional creators. The drawing choices include fluid pens, wires, pencils, markers, and watercolor. You can create your own color palettes or use one of the ones provided by Concepts. Another advantage that Concepts has over other art apps is that you can save your work as a picture in a multitude of forms including PNG and JPG.





4. Tayasui Sketches by Tayasui

Tayasui Sketches has over 20 different tools that you can use for your art. Here is the complete list of tools:

– Pen
– Rotring
– Felt Pen
– Pen Brush
– Oil Pastel
– Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes
– Acrylic brush
– Airbrush

– Area and Filling tool
– Patterns
– Text (iPad only)
– Shapes (iPad only)
– Eraser
– Cutter
– Smudge tool
– Ruler

You can also import photos, use layers, and organize your drawings in folders or books.

3. Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is a great app for art beginners and professionals alike. I have this app on my ipad and I would say that it is amazing. However, FiftyThree has recently updated Paper and, in my opinion, made it harder to use. In the older version, you would have been able to see other people’s art as well as your own. I was also able to copy other people’s art and change it to be like how I wanted. However, it wouldn’t be exactly copying their work and claiming the credit because I would have to give credit to the original artist. The new version has new ways to organize your work, but FiftyThree’s attempt at minimizing the amount of buttons is just making Paper harder to use. You can still create beautiful artwork, but you can’t be as social as in the old version.




4. Adobe Illustrator Draw by Adobe

Adobe Illustrator Draw is very similar to Adobe Photoshop Sketch but with a few differences. Adobe Illustrator Draw makes vector artwork, while Adobe Photoshop Sketch makes sketches and paintings. Both can create beautiful artwork but I prefer Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Adobe Illustrator Draw has many things that you can do:

• Zoom up to 64 times to apply finer details
• Sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size and color
• Work with multiple image and drawing layers
• Rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each individual layer
• Insert basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture CC
• Multiple stylus support for Adonit, Wacom, Pencil by 53 and Apple Pencil
• Send your illustration to Photoshop or Illustrator with all layers preserved

5. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is basically Adobe Illustrator Draw except more for professionals. There is:

• Ability to add multiple image and drawing layers they can restack, rename, transform and merge.
• Access to 14 tools they can adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings.
• Flexibility to organize their favorite tools and colors in the toolbar.
• Control of individual brush settings like pressure sensitivity and velocity.
• Perspective and graph grids.
• Multiple stylus support for Adonit, Wacom, Pencil by 53 and Apple Pencil.
• Option to work with shape stencils they can pinch to scale, trace, outline and stamp.

Overall, I think that there really isn’t much difference between these two apps, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is definitely slightly better.



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