Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Memes are the best thing ever created in my opinion. These things go from kazoo kid to E and these memes are the greatest art form since art and memes are my best friends. So, enjoy this edition of meme review!

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

These memes are memes of a badly made nursery rhyme but the main offender is Johnny Johnny this meme is hilarious because it is something we enjoyed as kids. This meme has so many different variants that I could go on and on about this meme. These memes are also school appropriate so you can enjoy these in school I personally believe that this is one of the dankest memes I have seen in years. The meme is a pure meme that deserves a sugar out of salt.


The despacito meme consists of something sad happening and then someone says oh that’s so sad play despacito this meme can be formatted with just about anything and it won’t get stale because there are so many different variations that can be twisted in any way it can also appeal to people of any age range so this meme deserves a solid swamp out of bee movie and would recommend this meme to meme lovers of experience and new meme lords in training


The Alexa memes are different memes all revolving around the Amazon echo systems like a Facebook combo where it has Mark Zuckerberg’s face and the text says gets mad at me but owns an Amazon alexa. These memes are funny because like the despacito memes can be used with other memes, in fact, they are used with the despacito meme and it is a very popular meme. This meme is a great solid meme that anyone of any age can enjoy this meme is 10/10

Curb Your Meme

The curb your meme is someone doing something glorious or stupid and then some music starts playing with a freeze frame again this meme depends on what comes before it these memes can either be so amazing or trash these memes are often some of the best memes out there because you never know what to expect it could be anything and you wouldn’t realize it until the last second. This meme is a solid Gru out of Papa Smurf

Pirates of The Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean memes are memes of someone doing some crazy water-related activity. There then is a twist and for a few seconds there is silence soon the person comes out victorious and the music starts playing the other variant to this is the clip of the English nahymen saying that may be the best pirate I’ve ever seen the captain of the ship says so it would seem. Then the Pirates of The Caribbean music starts playing and some sort of heroic act is completed. This meme has instant appeal and I rate it 20/10

Gru Memes

The Gru memes consist of something showing on Gru’s notepad in the second frame it shows another normal image but with the next frame is where the meme really starts Gru shows some mistake then realizes his mistake and looks back at the board signifying the memes end. these memes are always going well and the last frame really sells the meme to me so I rate this a NANI out of OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU