“Story Time” Time: Creepy Urban Legends (Spooky October Spectacular)


Evan Tucker, Reporter

We all know some Urban Legends, Stories that could be true taking place in usually urban areas, but here are some stories you may not know about. Some of these legends are scary. some are not. If you’re sensitive to this stuff, I’ll put a spook-ometer in front of the story title. Stay safe out there kids. So, let’s gather around the campfire because our second episode of “Story Time” Time is about Urban Legends.

Police Can Charge Your Phone? (1 Spook of 10)

There’s this urban legend that if you call the emergency services and then hang up and all mobile cell phone batteries will be charged. So remember kids: if you bother the police force enough, you’ll get a completely charged phone!

Don’t Leave the Car (6 Spook of 10)

This one may get sensitive. A boyfriend and girlfriend are driving in the middle of nowhere until their car runs out of gas. The girlfriend being scared wants the boyfriend decides to look for a gas station. The boyfriend gives the girlfriend a blanket and tells her to only come up when she sees the sun. After he leaves, the girlfriend follows his orders. She hears drops on the roof of the car and thinks it’s rain. Finally, in the morning, the girlfriend comes up. When she leaves the car, she finds the boyfriend’s head above the car.




The Easter Bunny of Virginia (4 Spook of 10)

The following story is more of an Urban Legend and is said to be true. The Bunny Man (a man in an old, dirty rabbit costume) is said to lurk around Virginia, screaming “GET OFF MY LAND. I LAWFULLY OWN THIS.” to random pedestrians. The scary thing, however, is that he can appear anywhere. People have reported seeing him on their front lawn, screaming to get off his property. Others report him with an ax, attacking people. Geez. The most reportings have been underneath a small bridge that is now fittingly named The Bunnyxman Bridge.




Charlie No Face (10 Spook of 10)
(Some images may be disturbing for some readers)

A young boy named Raymond Robinson was severely injured in an electrical accident as a boy. Walking with his friends and spotting a birds nest in a tree, and he wanted to get a closer look. Unfortunately, he had a close contact with a trolley cable, still active. A week later, another boy touches the same wire and died almost instantaneously, but Raymond was lucky. He survived, with his face being melted like wax on a lit candlestick. His skin turned green, his hand was blown off, and yet he could still breathe. He suffered unimaginable pain as doctors sat silently at the miraculous survival. He didn’t have long to live. Afraid of what the world will say, he sat isolated in a room from his friends, his family, and the entire world. Yet one day in Pennsylvania, a young girl in high school named Maya Ranchod went to look for this green man, thinking of it nothing as a ghost story. Yet, on a nighttime walk, Raymond got the few glimpses of wildlife he could. Maya stumbled into him on his walk, shocked. She took a picture of him and ran. A few months later, everyone was talking about him. Was he real or fake? All they had was this image.

Image result for Charlie no Face

The scariest part of this legend, however, is that it’s true. So whenever you’re in Pennsylvania, take a while to look at his old home. He loved to take pictures with people.




There’s Trouble in Flatwood Forest (4 Spook of 10)
(Some Images may be disturbing for some readers)

This one is a little stupid. It’s about a boy and a babysitter in Virginia going to flatwood forest and meeting a strange alien-like creature with apparently a space shipwreck next to the spotting. The only reason this is a four is that of the picture that came with the legend. It’s not that creepy. Also, the alien looks like an angered nun.

Image result for Flatwood monster





The Red Ribbon (3 Spook of 10)

This is about a girl who always wore a ribbon around her neck. Every living second she had she wore the ribbon. One day a man asked her why she wore the ribbon. She said “I will tell you if you marry me.” years later, the two got married. The man asked for her to take the ribbon off, and the girl said “No. I’ll show you when the time is right.” Annoyed, the man slipped off the ribbon while the girl was asleep. Suddenly, her head rolled right off. Wow, how spooky. Good thing to tell at a younger siblings birthday party.






So, if you ever find yourself in a tired car in the middle of nowhere alone, or dating someone who never takes off the ribbon on their neck, Or confronting with an alien in flatwood, you’ll know what will happen. Happy October, and don’t try these at home.