The Different Candies of the World

The Different Candies of the World

When I see people in my class eating little candies that they’ve slipped out of their bag, I wonder what kind of candies would people eat in the UK, China, Brazil, and even Russia.

United Kingdom

First up, the UK. So, what candies do they eat in the UK? The UK’s most popular candy is the Cadbury Dairy Milk, this chocolate bar is a type of more milky milk chocolate. Almost 527 million dollars worth of this stuff was sold in the UK.


Next up, China. What candies do people in China crave, you ask? They crave a candy called DOVE. You might have heard of this candy before, but it actually originated in China. DOVE makes a whopping 34 percent of China’s total chocolate consumption. You might be thinking, well, 34 percent? That’s not very much. But wait until you see how much China consumed last year alone. China consumed an impressive, 220,700 tons of chocolate. That’s 441,400,000 pounds!

For another delicious candy made in China is the White Rabbit Candy. The White Rabbit is white, with a soft, chewy texture, and is formed into cylinders filled with nougat or taffy. Each candy is wrapped in a printed waxed paper wrapper, but within this, the sticky candies are again wrapped in a thin edible paper-like wrapping made from sticky rice. The rice wrapping layer is meant to be eaten along with the rest of the candy. In addition to the original vanilla flavor, new flavors such as chocolate, coffee, toffee, peanut, maize, coconut, strawberry, mango, red bean, yogurt, and fruit have been added. The butter-plum flavor, characteristic of China, was also among the new flavors added through the years.


More countries that eat chocolate is Brazil and Russia. First, Brazil. Brazil’s number #1 candy is Lacta. Lacta is a milk chocolate that has a bubbly fizz inside of it. This candy bar has been the top candy bar in the candy market for the past 100 years. and, they added a new edition, a white chocolate candy bar with Oreo bits inside.


Now for Russia. Russia’s number #1 candy is the Alpen Gold, chocolate candy bar. I’m sure at least some of you have heard of this chocolate bar. Alpen Gold is in the most popular line of chocolate bars (according to Russia). They are available to buy in milk, dark, and white chocolate varieties and might include hazelnuts, coffee beans, liqueur, and other delicacies.

These are some of the world’s favorite candy bars and I hope you can go home and bite into one of these delicious chocolate candies!