Amazon Offering Free Shipping During the Holiday


Ayan Momin, Reporter

Amazon is offering everyone free shipping during the holiday, no matter if you have prime or not. This idea is good for all the customers, but for Amazon, this could end in many ways, marvelous or dreadful. I want to express to people what might happen during the free shipping day’s, and what will happen after that day.

Amazon is offering free shipping to all their customers during the holiday. Everyone always orders anything they want on the free shipping days, because they know that the price will be lowered than the original price, which makes amazons sales go down for a few months before the sale. Amazon also will make some customers very stressed, because they will have so many orders coming in, they won’t be able to provide everyone there packages for a long time, which will make their customers very angry.

Some good perks Amazon will have during the sale will probably be the sales they will receive, they will receive at least 66 billion dollars, according to CNN business. Amazon will also have a great advantage over Target and Walmart’s sales because of more people like the way Amazon works, and their product reviews. Amazon did not announce a cutoff date for the promotion but said that free shipping will be available for all orders arriving in time for the holidays.

After Amazon shipping, things will go crazy for Amazon. Amazon will first have to restock on their items, which will take them a few weeks. Most people will probably not buy many from Amazon, because they already bought the things they wanted, during the sale. Amazon will probably lose most of their market, for a couple of months. That’s what will probably happen after Amazon’s free shipping sale.

In conclusion, Amazon will not be devastated by the sale, and they will not get outrageous amounts of money. So Amazon will not be affected at all. But they will get some hatred from Prime members, that already get free shipping. But for the customers, it’s a win-win situation.