Filming Tricks With Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson

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Filming Tricks With Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson, Reporter

In this video, Colin Johnson teaches three filming tricks and uses them as well. The tricks are speaking clearly, having a green screen, and editing your videos.



Hello, my name is Colin Johnson, and welcome to… Filming Tricks with Colin Johnson!

The first video trick we will be talking about is speaking loud and clear. If you speak loud and clear, then even if you do not have the best microphone, your audience can still hear you at least fairly well. Speaking loud and clear means that you know what you are talking about and that you are confident you are saying the right things and the right lines. So that is video tip number one; speaking loud and clear. It is not that hard, especially if you are just recording at home, in your room, or somewhere private. It is a little harder in public areas, but eventually, you get used to it.

Video tip number two: Use a green screen. Green screens are very useful because you can edit almost any image onto them, or any video or something, and, I mean this lime green color; it almost never shows up in your video anyway, so you have all this green that you are not going to use, why not edit something into it, hmm? It also makes your video production quality look a lot better, and makes it look like you put a lot of effort into your video.

The final video tip I have is for you to edit your videos. Even the most simple video editors, such as iMovie, or something like that will do, as long as you know what you are doing and put care and effort into your edits. Make your edits look like mine, where I jump around and such. That is always very good editing, at least in my eyes. It looks very crisp and clear.

Thank you for watching Colin  Johnsons filming tricks, and… I do not know if I will make a second part.

Thank you for watching!!


For trick number one, speaking clearly, make sure you have a script prepared for yourself. A little improvisation is okay, but when starting out, reading off a script and practicing a few times before recording is always good. Also, using a microphone while recording is key, because if you do not have one then your audio is going to sound distant (like in this video). Remember to speak clearly and project your voice, but do not scream or yell, as doing so would make your video more of an earsore, rather than the intended effect (unless you want it to be an earsore, which if that is the case, then go right on ahead with it).

When using a green screen, you need an editing program that can insert an image into a green screen. iMovie on mac is a good program for doing this as it easily allows you to edit your video or image in. If you do not have a mac, it is fairly easy to find a suitable alternate app. If you do not have an app, using a green screen instead of just a wall is still fine. If you do not have a green screen, finding a flat surface that is simple and does not distract viewers too much is good for a background, as long as it is also pleasing to the eye. When using a green screen, make sure it is as flat as possible, and that the lighting on it is even, so that the image does not get fuzzy, or distract the viewer.

When editing your videos, iMovie is a fine tool, as long as you make it seem like it was not edited using iMovie. I used iMovie when editing this video, yet it still seemed like I was using a professional video editing software. Before posting a video, it is advised that you watch some tutorials, and experiment with the program that you are using to make sure you know how to use the program well.


Thank you for watching the video and reading up on the advanced versions of tricks, for getting the best use out of them.