Is Dying Your Hair Good for You?

Is Dying Your Hair Good for You?

June Jung, Reporter

Is Hair Dye Healthy?

From 2nd to 5th grade I have been dying my hair different colors every year. My hair still seems to be in good condition, but is it really? Studies show that hair dye is constantly building and protecting you from any potentially harmful substances. So if you’re healthy, it’s very unlikely that any hair dye chemicals will be absorbed through your skin.

Though you need to have proper equipment while applying hair color on hair for it to actually stay, most people do it by themselves. The cost of money and time for you to go to the hairdresser is high, though people still prefer professionals to do it for them. If you’re that DIY person and you could use a splash of color then I would recommend trying it out. If not then find a good hairdresser who is willing to take good care of your hair.

How to Apply Hair Dye

First, make sure that you’re wearing something that’s not too valuable to you because you will probably end up getting dye on it. Second, have a bathroom or studio prepared and organized before the process. Third, you are going to want to make sure that you choose the right color, the product is environmentally healthy and is not full of chemicals. Then, wet your hair. Once it’s drenched, take the strand of hair you want to dye pick up the bottle and dye. Make sure after it’s dyed it is wrapped in aluminum foil and not in contact with your skin or clothing. Continue until satisfied.

Wait for about one to one and a half hours, then unwrap the aluminum foil and wet your hair to get rid of the excess dye. Dry your hair and you should be done. If hair dye gets on any furniture just quickly rinse it with a wet cloth, if it doesn’t come out, just use some stain remover. Warning: Do NOT shower for at least forty-eight hours to let the dye settle in.

Is it Better to Go to the Hairdresser?

It is easier to go to the hairdresser, all you have to do is sit and let them do their thing, but it’s also more expensive and time-consuming. When you do it at home, there is more risk of getting dye all over the place, and a higher chance of your dye turning out just the way you didn’t want it. The hairdresser might be more expensive but I think it’s worth it.

Anything could happen if you dye your hair yourself or let one of your friends do it. You might not trust me but hair dye can be tricky, and you might also have to bleach your hair, and that could end up getting in your eyes, which is, by the way, extremely painful. The hairdresser may not be the best option financially but if you want your hair to end up in a cute hairstyle then I would recommend the professionals. You might not agree with me but believe me – it will probably be worth your time.

Types of Hairdressers

Some hairdressers can scam you. They could tell you “Hey, this is permanent dye!” and charge you more for the same dye that they would have used if you bought the not-so-permanent-anymore dye.  I like to go to a hairdresser that has had professional training and know what they are doing. Instead of giving an intern scissors. I don’t trust places like “Supercuts” or “Great Clips” but I do trust people who know how to take care of my hair. My recommendation is a knowing hairdresser, but you do you.