What Makes Spices So Important?


Andrew Watson, Reporter

We all know what spices are. At this day and age, they get used in almost any type of food. Even I use them in a large variety of foods that I cook at home. I think that may be why the phrase, “Spice of life” exists. What makes spices so important?

Back in the old times, when you didn’t have freezers or fridges to save your meat, it spoiled easily. Which led to a lot of food wasted. But, with spices, You and I couldn’t tell if you were eating spoiled meat or not, because that spice hid the taste! That way, you would food poisoning, but at least the food didn’t taste bad! While covering up the taste of spoiled foods, it also had a lot of more practical uses.

For example, before it’s discovery, most foods were very bland. Think of a food item you use today that doesn’t have any sort of spice on it. (Sugar And Salt Are Spices, Too.) Thought of something? Comment it. Cause I can’t think of more than one. (Well, I can think of very simple foods, like apples, but I leave that out.) So yeah, without spices, most of our food would taste very boring and less diverse. It’s today’s spices that make our food taste the way it is, (Well, there also is the intense processing and specialized breeding of animals and plants, but that’s a topic that I will talk about for another article.)

But yeah, spices were highly valued for their ability to make food better than it was back in the old days, and even help people. Did you know that salt is a vital component in the human body? Cause I sure didn’t. So yeah, spices are truly our “Spice of life,” Proven by the very quote, “Spice of life.”