VSCO Girls


Trends come and go but this trend looks like it is here to stay. Have you heard of something called a VSCO girl? And maybe ever wondered how did this phrase come to be? Well, VSCO is a trend where people possess certain items such as hydro flasks, Birkenstocks, kanken bags and scrunchies.

There are two main things VSCO girls say, “and I oop” and “sksksksks”. Sksksksksks comes from the plural word for hydro flask. Most VSCO girls wear big T-shirts that cover their athletic shorts, shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, and scrunchies either around their wrist or in their hair. And a messy bun is always necessary. Another VSCO thing is Birkenstocks (shoes that are basically sandals). I think they are super comfy and stylish.

VSCO is the name of a photo editing app which is where this trend began. Most VSCO girls will use this app. They will edit pictures of themselves with all their VSCO things.

I interviewed Zane Salmon (7) to see what he thought about VSCO girls:

“I don’t like how people who are VSCO say things like and I oop but they don’t know what it came from. Because I know what it came from but they don’t. I also don’t like how they took over brands like the hydro flask because I love the brand they have great waterbottles but since VSCO girls took them over if someone sees you have a hydro flask they will automatically think that you are a VSCO girl. They also took over the kanken bag brand,” Salmon said