Milky Way Candy Bars: A History

“Comfort in every bar.”

Milky Way (Original:) A shell of sugary milk chocolate surrounding a lighter layer of malt based nougat.

Milky Way candy bars have a perfect combination of ingredients. The overall taste is a perfect collaboration of each chocolate factor! Of course, Milky Way has evolved quite a bit to attain the punch that it packs now. Here is a brief, simplified history of the United States version of these candy bars, sold by Mars, incorporated.

The Beginning

In 1925, the “Milky Way” hallmark was officially recognized in the U.S. Contrary to popular belief, it actually achieved its name because of a popular milkshake. The Milky Way flavor is also derived from the milkshake, which contributed to the candy bar’s rocket in popularity.

Because of their success with the candy bar that year, they created different varieties of it. One variety was chocolate, and the other, vanilla. The new version eventually became known as “Midnight.” Evidently, the flavor was popular enough to last for several decades. With the success of the new candy bar, Mars, incorporated increased their marketing schemes.

Popular slogans in the 1900s included “Life is better the Milky Way,” and “Comfort in every bar.” With the increase in advertising, the candy bar once again rose in popularity. Because of this, there were more than 5 new Milky Way varieties created over the next several years, and packaging changes.


The most popular version of Milky Way in the United States is the original. This version has green, brown, and white packaging. Though not often enjoyed by the American public, many people around the world enjoy Milky Way candy bars.