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The Best Electronics of 2017

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The Best Electronics of 2017

Vishnu Sreenivasan, Reporter

2017 has been a great year for electronics. Let’s start with some of the new releases!

 iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 starts at $699.99 and released September this year. The phone is a lot like the iphone 7 with better camera editing features and a better camera. This phone did not make as many sales as the iPhone X because there was not a lot of change.

iPhone X

The new iPhone X that starts at $999.99 and released November 2017. This phone has a lot of changes design-wise. After looking at this phone’s specs it seems to be that Apple is following in Samsung’s footsteps. Apple out with facial recognition also known as Face ID but Samsung had that in the S3. The iPhone X also has no home button (therefore, no touch id).

Galaxy Note 8

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 came out August 2017 and starts off at $950. It has a pretty big screen size. It has touch id on the back of the phone (net to the camera) and facial recognition of course.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is an Xbox one with better graphics than ever. It has smoother gameplay, faster load times, and life-like detail. It came out November 2017 starting at $499.99.

Google Pixel 2

The new Google Pixel 2 came out October 2017, starting at $649.99. With the pixel 2, you can search what you see by taking a picture of that item with Google Lens. You can squeeze the phone to activate the google assistant and tell it to take a selfie.

Those are the 5 best new devices this year in my opinion. Some of these devices have hit record sales. For example, 3,000,000 iPhone X’s were sold in just 20 minutes during launch!


What were your favorite releases for 2017?

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