5 Quick Christmas Treats

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

1. Oreo Santa Claus :

Grab an Oreo and stick a wooden stick to hold it. Dip the outside of it with white frosting.It should be frosted to about a third of the cookie.Repeat the same process but with red frosting this time. A third of the cookie on the opposite side.Then grab some marshmallows and put three on the red “border” and one on the top of the red. Then grab some black frosting and make two little dots for the eyes. And there you go a Santa Oreo!

2. Rudolph Snicker:

Grab a Snicker Candy Bar and dip it in melted chocolate. Add two pretzels as ears and some sugar eyes. But it wouldn’t be Rudolph without a red nose so grab a red M&M and stick it to the chocolate as his nose!

3. Cupcake trees:

Lay a piece of parchment paper on a tray and place several pretzel sticks about two inches of room between them.But some green melted candy melts into a plastic bag and cut a very small hole in the corner of the bag.Leave a third of the bottom of the pretzel and do some zigzags from the bottom to the top.Make sure that the lines get shorter as you go up. At the end place the tray in the freezer until the candy melts Harden then get them out and you can either eat them or place them on top of a cupcake for decoration.

4. Snow elves :

Frost some plain cupcakes with white frosting and dip them in coconut shreds. Then grab the white and red kisses chocolate and place it as the hat. Then take the straight part of a candy cane so that they are about two inches long each places them in position so that they look like arms and place a marshmallow at the end of the candy canes!

5. Snowman sticks:

Place a piece of parchment paper on a tray and place some thick pretzel sticks with two inches between them. Dip half of the pretzel in white frosting and place two little black pearls as the eyes. With a small tipped piping bag with black frosting in it draw the mouth of the snowmen.Grab some sour strips candy cut it so that it fits like a scarf around the pretzel.Cut a marshmallow in half and place one on each side and with the black frosting draw a line to connect them. And there you go earmuffs for your snowmen.