My San Antonio Trip

This article is about my one day trip to San Antonio.


As most of you already know our wonderful and long three-day weekend is over. So I would like to ponder about the wonderful “long days” in which, I enjoyed my weekend with a one day trip to San Antonio.

It started with my family and I deciding to be spontaneous and go for quick and fun vacation for the fun of it. We all hopped in the car and one nap later we reached San Antiono. Our hotel was beautiful with wonderful architecture with the amazing views and the free food, we were set.

We started our trip with checking into our hotel, we were lucky to be able to stay in the Dury Plaza Hotel since we booked in such a short time. After we arrived we admired the beautiful architecture it was very rustic and glamorous. I felt although I was ballroom dancing when I realized that there was a gold chandelier hanging over my head. After waiting in the lounge area and snooping around for a bit we eventually checked into our hotel room.

My mom and I were ready to hit the hay, but my dad convinced us not to waste our time napping so we sucked it up and got ready to go for a walk. At first, we thought the road we were walking on was a little sketchy and really boring, to be honest. As we passed that, the city really gave an old New York feel.

The buildings were standing tall and had a dusty vibe which made me realized that they had a history. Later on, we decided to settle in for lunch we headed to Cappy’s restaurant, in my opinion, it was very nice. Although San Antonio had a very 90s New York look, it cleaned up really nice.

The restaurant was very prim and proper with the interesting food being passed around, with the big menu staring back at me I decide to settle for something simple, a salad. For dessert, I devoured a delicious warm chocolate cake.

We later went along the river walk and checked out the beautiful restaurants. And the amazing places nearby. After our very touristy walk, we headed back to the hotel. Later we celebrated our last night on the roof.

Soon our amazing trip had to come to an end, but I hope to return one day.