How the Beatles Blew Away the Music Industry

The Beatles blew away the music industry. and i’m going to explain HOW.


I don’t think there is a single person out here who doesn’t know who the Beatles are, but I’m gonna explain anyway. The Beatles were an English rock band formed in the ’60s, that was apparently, “The most influential band of all time.” Along with that, they also influenced today’s pop music greatly. (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.) But anyways, I am here to ask the question, Why were the Beatles so popular?

Well, before the 1960’s all music in the USA was American rock or sappy love ballads. The Beatles decided to show up! They were a British band, who eventually went over to the Americas. And people went WILD. Thousands of screaming girls would show up to their concerts, so much that you could barely hear the music anymore. Their music was so influential, that it essentially changed the entire music trend in America. People wanted to be successful, so they’d be like the Beatles. On top of that, before the Beatles, most British bands had ghostwriters to write songs for them, or they just covered other peoples music. But not the Beatles! Every song they sang was written by them, and them alone, with the exception of some of their early music. So, back to their unique style of music. While all the American bands were just doing more and more rock and RnB, The Beatles were experimenting with every genre. Pop, “Skiffle,” A bit of rock, and some Classical music in there as well.

They also had personalities too. Ringo was the dope, John was the smart one, Paul was cute, and George was quite. This might seem small, but it was important.

As they wrote more and more songs, their cultural influence spread farther and farther across America, claiming more and more fans for their culturally diverse music and inspiring more and more different genres of music. Even today, we can trace certain songs to hints of influence from the Beatles. So, I think it’s safe to say, with their diverse songs, lovable cast, and the fact that they changed music forever, it’s safe to say, the Beatles are truly the most influential band of all time.