Top Five Weirdest Pokemon

Top Five Weirdest Pokemon

There is a lot of weird Pokemon throughout the franchise. Let me list the top five weirdest ones and explain why!

5. Wailord. Wailord is as big as a blue whale in real life, but it doesn’t weigh nearly as much. Warlords float on top of the body of water they live in with ease, but theoretically, they should be less dense than air! Therefore, they should be able to fly(but they can’t do anything except going up). Wailord is not a pokemon most people would want to have, both in the Pokemon universe and in real life.

4. Malamar. Malamar isn’t that bad of a Pokemon overall, but it’s weird! It’s an upside-down squid, and right before the tentacles diverge, it is where it faces is. Quite odd! On top of that, to evolve an Inkay into a Malamar requires you to hold your 3DS upside down! An unexpected twist to get this Pokemon, and a weird one to accidentally figure out.

3. Honedge. This Pokemon is scarier that weird, but they go hand-in-hand. Honedge is a blade, with fabric coming out of the pommel and holding its sheath. It is said that if you grab the hilt, your soul will be consumed. Very scary! It evolves into Doublade, and later Aegislash, which is a powerful Pokemon.

2. Unown. Depending on the IVs of the Unown, it will be a particular variant. There are 26 variants of Unowns, conveniently the same amount of letters in the alphabet… Not to mention, each Unown is shaped like a letter of the alphabet, if you look at it right. They only learn the move Hidden Power, which has a different typing depending on the user’s IVs. Not that great of a pokemon.

1. Trubbish/Garbodor. These Pokemon are trash. They’re based off dumpster and aren’t the best pokemon, but people hate them a bit too much in my opinion. No doubt, this Pokemon is weird, and it comes from the worst Generation(Gen. 5, and no, I didn’t say the games were the worst games). It just shows that at one point, Game Freak ran out of ideas.

So those are the weirdest Pokemon! Most of them are super scary as well, but they’re all cool as well. I hope I taught you something new in this article!