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The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

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The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

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Look at the distant Chihuahuan Desert through a gap in the Chisos Mountains nicknamed the Window

My Trip to Big Bend NP

Lily Wang, Reporter March 25, 2022

  During the spring break of 2022, I traveled to Big Bend National Park. As one of the best destinations in Texas, Big Bend is a great place to visit when you have time. The park is very large...

lego stop motion

I Tried Stop Motion

Arden Choi, Reporter March 10, 2022

 Though many people don’t know it, stop motion has been a part of our culture for a long time.  When you see an animated movie, it is most likely stop motion or has attributes of a stop motion animation. ...

Avatar the Last Airbender

Why You Should Watch Avatar The Last Air Bender

Arihant Ujjwal, Reporter March 10, 2022

Avatar the Last Airbender is an incredible SHOW (not the movie) and here’s why you should watch it. Avatar, despite being an old show, is memorable to all who watch it. Avatar’s plot focuses on Aang,...


MBTI: Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Jasmine Choi, Reporter March 10, 2022

MBTI, which stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is a personality test that helps you know your communication style and how you interact with others. There are 16 kinds of MBTIs, and those are ISTJ,...

Microsoft Purchases Activision Blizzard

Microsoft Purchases Activision Blizzard

Sunwoo Choi, Reporter March 10, 2022

On January 18th, Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for the spectacular sum of 68.7 Billion Dollars in the largest acquisition of a technology company in history. Microsoft has purchased Activision...

old movie poster

Old: Movie Review

Leah Jones, Reporter March 9, 2022

Old is M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie. The movie's plot is very good, and original, but the acting is sort of dry. The story is basically about these families going to this beach because they were invited...

Orchestra Wins at UIL

Orchestra Wins at UIL

Sunwoo Choi, Reporter March 9, 2022

The UIL competition, or the University Interscholastic League competition, is a state-wide competition that organizes competitions for everything from music to athletics. Ever since its founding, Canyon...

Vail, Colorado

Three Great Winter Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

Sunwoo Choi, Reporter March 9, 2022

Vail, Colorado Colorado has been widely regarded as the best winter destination for decades now, due to its beautiful display of the Rocky Mountains and the many activities that are possible within...

Apple iPhone, Pros & Cons

Apple iPhone, Pros & Cons

Arden Choi, Reporter March 8, 2022

       The Apple iPhone is known for its elegant design and user-friendly features.  You can find all the latest Apple products in the Apple stores, and you often end up leaving the Apple Store with...

Twilight Saga Guide

Twilight Saga Guide

Lily Wang, Reporter March 8, 2022

*This is a book review that includes some opinions. There are spoilers, some may be considered major.   About the Saga The Twilight Saga is an immensely popular book series by Stephenie Meyer....

Human perception infographic scheme. Five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) as represented by organs, surrounding brain. Line icon set, vector illustration.

Is there a sixth sense?

Ivan Schere, Reporter February 23, 2022

Studies have shown that there is a sixth sense. But first, there are some senses that are subcategories of other senses, such as temperature. The sixth sense is quite simple. Close your eyes. Now,...

Every Reason Why theres No Point to Valentines Day

Every Reason Why there’s No Point to Valentines Day

Abrielle Smith, Reporter February 23, 2022
The day to give chocolates, compliments, teddy bears, and pretty much anything under the sun to your lover. It's a day to be all sappy and gooey for no reason at all other than the fact that it's February 14th.
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