National Pepperoni Pizza Day :: Bizarre Holidays

DISCLAIMER: (This happened on Sep.20th, not today.


There are holidays that everybody on earth knows about because no one ever stops talking about them. AND THEN, there are holidays that literally no one knows except the person who made it. So I have taken the duty of exploring these holidays on myself. Pepperoni Pizza Day, National Mini Golf Day, Increase You Physic Powers Day, (I’m not joking here) Unlucky Day, Take it to the ear day, and many more. So, BIZARRE HOLIDAYS!

And, the Bizarre Holiday of today… (Sep, 20th) Is PEPPERONI PIZZA DAY.

So people everywhere eat pizza. I can’t say the same for myself, but a lot of people think it’s really good. It’s eaten universally, And to this day, is still one of the most popular foods. I still don’t see a reason to have a holiday in all it’s “Glory” But I guess it isn’t up to me anyway — So I’ll just explain the holiday.

I just said that I don’t think pizza should have a holiday erected in its glory, but it DOES. It’s literally just a day where you eat Pepperoni Pizza with anything. It’s kind of like a festival. Which makes me wonder, is there a CHEESE pizza day? *Googles* Yep. It was on Sep.5th.

So here are multiple holidays where you eat pizza. The holiday started in 2016, as (I guess) just a way to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. EVEN AS A SNACK. Don’t you get sick of that eventually? I would! I don’t really have any complaints about this, because I don’t celebrate it, but I don’t I think anyone else does either. So anyway, that was a short explanation of a holiday that you probably don’t celebrate. I hope this useless knowledge I have bestowed upon you improved your life somehow. I’m going to go walk aimlessly somewhere.