How to Make a Fantasy World

Are you bored wanna do something that will make your imagination run wild than follow this guide


Are you bored at home and want something to do? Well I got a good idea for you to make a fantasy world and let your creativity run wild.


The first couple of steps

Ok, your gonna wanna open google and go to this is a world-building website and you will make an account and create your first world my world is named Eavearat think of something that suits your vision or you can go to a fantasy name generator and try to find some with this name generator.


Mapmaking software

So you wanna make a map here’s a good free software make an account and you can make stuff like these beautiful maps to make your world alive and well


Lore making

What’s a world without some lore so get to writing and make something that you really like. Some good ideas for some lore are does your world have creatures or monsters and why what caused them to be there. You should have a reason for everything.



Does your world have any heroes or villains if so what did they do and why did they do it what’s in their brain that made them do it.



A world needs places for people to live so why not make some think of some things the city has or you need to be in it like you gotta not have any weapons on you this also means a monk would have an easy time to get in etc.



Think of the history of your world and some stories behind it like a great takeover or a war basically something cool to the reader.


The people who live there

What are the cultures of the people who live in your world do they have their own or is it based on some kind of culture on earth.



I think you should try new things and make something you like and are proud of so go out and do what you want and are proud of.