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    Tennis at Canyon Vista

    Lucas Janssen

    Canyon vista is known for their sports teams, and love of their students doing well with whatever they choose they want to do, one of these being Tennis with the head coach of the Tennis team here at canyon vista.

     “The tennis club was founded maybe 15 years ago because of the Westwood coach on how he wanted to expand his program.The coach said he knew that he had to start with middle schoolers to get them interested,” Jackie Govea, the coach of the tennis club said.

    Coach Govea is all about sports and students’ physical education. When we go into the history of the tennis sports team we can see that coach Govea was happy to have hosted the club even if she did this alone.

    “This year I am the new sponsor of tennis and the third one,I do this alone with how none of the other teachers wanted to join so I’m the only administrator. I had the choice to host this club knowing I would most likely be the only staff member. This is my thirteenth or fourteenth year of hosting this club,”  Coach Govea states 

    The students all have their reasons for joining the team, some want to join to have fun and play, some join to get better their tennis skills and get experience for when they get into Westwood, and some play tennis to try it out, to see what the sport is like.

     “I know the highschool coach from when I was in highschool, we went to school  together so I wanted to help him out knowing kids will love the sport, it pays a bit of extra money but more importantly I love how the kids join the club and have fun,” Govea states

    Coach Govea really loves how kids like to play the sport and how happy they get outside and what tennis will teach. The sport is just so easy.  

    “It’s an easy sport to pick up and learn something you can play from a young age to an old age and the sport isn’t too demanding even if we don’t practice often but it’s easy to join. It’s athletic and increases their fitness level and they learn a new sport. My example being myself I had never been a tennis player till I joined this sport and I picked it up quickly,” Coach Govea said.

    Tennis is a sport that makes you coordinate and learn how to control strength and where the ball goes. More than just sports and strength goes into the game to win and it’s amazing what something as simple as this does for students.

    “The job takes a lot of time for the small practice time we have but it’s worth it in the end for what you learn,” Coach Govea states.

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