Gift Ideas on Amazon

Gift Ideas on Amazon

Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

Amazon has become pretty popular over the past few years. And everyone knows that there is no better place to buy gifts for your friends other than Amazon. So here is a list of gifts that you can buy for nerds to bakers.


1.Infusion water bottle

(for your very own fitness freak)

2. Bath bomb set

(everyone needs an occasional pamper day)

3. Aromatherapy diffuser

(for our stressed ones)

4. Coloring book

(we all have our very own inner kid)

5. Himalayan salt lamps

(buy things because they are pretty)

6. Brain cap

(so that your brain isn’t like the Bermuda Triangle)

7. Shark socks

(i like big fish)

8. Beware of dog kisses sign

(i don’t have kids; I have dogs)

9. Banana socks

(so you can watch your mom slip in slide)

10. Mixing bowls

(it will make sure the little baker feels like their doing something)

11. Harry Potter makeup brush set

(I want to look like Hermione)

12. Old books candle

(something about dusty books is just better)

13. Wednesday Adams pin

(just to make you look even shadier)

14. Minnie Mouse headband

(who doesn’t like sparkles and Disney)

15.  Constellation earrings

(we all have an astronomer in us)

14.  Sponge bed

(the sponge had a hard day at work, let it sleep)

15. Lime pillow

(to just show how bitter and sour you are)