Snack Time! All-Time Favorite Snacks


Snacks-You love them, and so does most everyone else. There are so many to choose from too; you can never be sure which one you like the most. Some snacks are things that we can eat all the time or once a week. You need to know what your snack’s serving portion is always to enjoy them the size they are meant to be enjoyed in. There are even some you’ve probably never heard of before, but here are three of my favorites.


Cheez-Its® are tasty cheesy snacks with sprinkles of salt on them. The reason that I like them is because of how the cheesy taste blends with the hints of salt, making them blast with flavors in your mouth. They are also really crispy and crunchy, making them taste perfect. Of course, there has to be something unfavorable about Cheez-Its, right? Well, it might just have way too much or the perfect amount of cheese. Having too many Cheez-Its make them taste kind of boring. If you take their advice and eat 27 a serving, that won’t be too much of a bother. Cheez-Its also come in so many flavors like Colby, Mozzarella, Italian Four Cheese, Baby Swiss, Hot and Spicy, and many more flavors that you’ve probably never heard of.


Chips are a classic snack ever since they were accidentally created in 1853. That’s even before your grandparents were born! I think. All chip flavors are so unique and different from each other you never know which flavor is going to pop as soon as you put the first one in your mouth. There are also so many brands to choose from like Lays, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, and so many more. Chips also come in so many flavors like Sour Cream, Salted, Parmesan, Flaming, Barbeque Sauce, Kettle Cooked, and even Blueberry! Each country also has its flavors of chips, like India, Japan, and of course the US. Chips were made when a customer at a restaurant wanted potatoes in a crispy fashion. The chef there experimented and experimented until he found what he was looking for, what we call, the chip. The customer tried the chip and loved it, after that the chip became famous, which now leads us into the modern times!


It’s cheese. The dullest and healthiest snack there is. You can also do many things with it, slice it, make a sandwich, even make it! They come in many flavors like American, Colby Jack, Cheddar, Parmesan, and many other flavors. It might not have been what you expected, but it’s essential to get those dairy products in your life. You can enjoy cheese with many other things like ketchup, and even more cheese! There are so many things great about just a simple snack like cheese. You don’t need to eat fancy things when a slice of cheese is (usually) a step away. They are also pretty inexpensive too.

That’s about it! I love to eat these snacks whenever I get my hands on them. Of course, I eat way more varieties of snacks then these, these are just three of my favorites! Of course, you may not agree about which snack is the best, maybe you will like these snacks in a few days. What are your favorite snacks? What do you know about them, and why do you like them?