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Chartpak AD Markers Review

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Chartpak AD Markers Review

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Claire Lawrence, Art Reporter

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I recently bought these markers off of eBay for a significantly cheaper price than they are on Amazon. The original price can be from 5.00-9.00 per marker, which in some cases is more expensive than a Copic, the industry standard. Also, these are xylene based, which had been talked up by the company so much I was intrigued enough to try them. However, I am not very pleased with them.

The body of the markers is extremely badly designed, as the markers are thick and uncomfortable to hold, and the cap is bulky and sometimes doesn’t fit on the marker. I was impressed with how the color layout looked at first, giving a nice flat color. The blending looked good at first, but the feathering was unbearable. To shade a simple sphere test, the markers feathered out almost half a centimeter outside the lines. Keep in mind, I was using a regular amount of ink for the blend, nothing excessive.

However, where I had the most problem with the markers was the fact that they are xylene based. According to a public health statement, xylene by itself can cause changes to the nervous system, as well as kidneys, lungs, and heart. (ATSDR) Animals can die if exposed to high amounts of xylene. It is most likely that the concentration of xylene in these markers won’t do that, but the chemical is still harmful. Also, these markers smelled terrible. It made me want to never use them, as I found myself getting a headache from just a short usage in a room.

I’ve used many types of alcohol markers, and although they have a mild smell, I’ve never had any problems with them. These giving me a headache worries me.

Chartpak as a company is also kind of fishy, as it seems all of the reviews I see online for the markers sent by the company are always positive. They never seem to be honest and are all using similar wording, as if they are reading off of a script. It just seems strange.

If you are looking for good art markers, I would highly suggest passing these and looking it better, cheaper, and safer brands like Ohuhu, Copic, Winsor and Newton, and Prismacolor.

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  1. EL Baldie Beardo on May 8th, 2019 12:27 pm

    The reason these are so thick is because they hold about double the amount of ink as ohuhu, copic and winsor and newton. Prismas hold 4g worth of ink, and chartpak holds 5g. As much as they stink I still love these because they last for a long time. Too bad the smell is very strong and turns people off. I personally don’t mind as I usually combine them with the aforementioned brands and keep a fan on.

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