10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken Today


The language this article is written in is English, quite obvious actually. The English language is around 1400 years old. You may think that this is pretty old. It is old. Some of the languages I am going to write about now are going to be much much older. This section is about the oldest languages still spoken today. These languages are in no particular order.

10. Hebrew is a very old language. It is the official language of Israel. Hebrew flourished at around 1200 CE.

9. Basque is spoken in France and Spain. Basques origins are unknown. The only thing known is that it came before the Romance languages.

8. Tamil has nearly 78 million people who speak it. The language dates back to 3 BCE. It is the official language of Singapore. Unlike other languages in India which fell out of use this language flourished and became the 20th most spoken language.

7. Lithuanian was spoken in 3500 BCE. This is the official language of Lithuania

6. Farsi is a language spoken in modern day Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. The Farsi language is also known under another name, Persian.  Persian was found in 800 CE and is still spoken today.

5. Icelandic is an extremely old language in Iceland. It is the official language in Iceland. Even after many periods of ruling the language has held on and is still spoken today.

4. Macedonian is a very old language related to the common language that Russian, Czech, and Bulgarian split off from.

3. Finnish was not written down until the 16th Century but it has a long history. The Finnish language has many words from languages that are no longer spoken.

2. Georgian is a very old, and difficult language to speak. Many enthusiasts of languages try to learn this language due to its difficulty. This language was founded in the 3rd century AD

  1. Irish Gaelic is spoken by very few minor native peoples. This language has the oldest literature in any language in Europe.